Sunday, 24 March 2013

Assalamualaikum. Do you think that your writing skills have improved? What does blogging teach you in bell?
Yes. Because it improved me a lot about my grammar, although my grammar not good at all but it is better than past. Now, I litter bit know how to apply the past, present and future tense. Even now, I am still learning and trying to improve my grammar. I agree that blog make me more comfortable to apply English in my word, although it hard to me but I still can do it. Sometimes, I fell that blog is burden it is because I never did a blog this before and read someone’s blog. At the same time, blog also make me more confidently how to express my opinion or experienced towards reader. I moderately agree if this method can applied to the student but it based on student syllabus. I can’t lied that this blog make me feel I have to do a lot of work but at the same times it also have benefits to the student who want to improve their grammar.
Assalamualaikum miss Zue, firstly I want to apologies to you what I have done before, and tq for everything that you have done to us. You always tried the best to teach us and help us a lot thing. Although, sometimes you litter bit scary but you did it just to teach us to be a good student. I hope ALLAH, may always blessing you in everything you do, and I hope you will halal the everything that you have taught and gave to us..tq also to the food for last met. It is very nice.
Assalamualaikum. Do you think that your writing skills have improved? What does blogging teach you in bell?
Yes. Because it improved me a lot about my grammar, although my grammar not good at all but it is better than past. Now, I litter bit know how to apply the past, present and future tense. Even now, I am still learning and trying to improve my grammar. I agree that blog make me more comfortable to apply English in my word, although it hard to me but I still can do it. Sometimes, I fell that blog is burden it is because I never did a blog this before and read someone’s blog. At the same time, blog also make me more confidently how to express my opinion or experienced towards reader. I moderately agree if this method can applied to the student but it based on student syllabus. I can’t lied that this blog make me feel I have to do a lot of work but at the same times it also have benefits to the student who want to improve their grammar.

Friday, 22 March 2013

                                                      21 MARCH 2013, THURSDAY

Assalamualaikum .. today our last class for this semester. Hehe.. I litter bit late today because I have problem. Sorry miss zue.. when I arrived. This class litter bit I though miss zue was angry..yes.. my prediction was right! She was angry because our class did not settle yet the paper that she gave that I said before.. and me too.. so, miss zue  still going to be chill.. she tried to do it together with us..tq miss.. so we did all of that and she also gave some example how to do a essay based on that paper given. Huhu tq and again.. cos I also not understanding well.. so after she explain litter bit so, I already understood it..heheh.. After all, we did that writing together. Suddenly, miss zue said that she was prepaid some food for aou last meet.. huh.. I was surprised and feel cool she is.. tq so much miss zue.. for the nasi lemak and the drinks..heheh  very and very nice … tq so much..


Assalamualaikum, hello everybody… today our class at lap.. I have suddenly presentation from miss zue.. she was called us to present about discussion essay, since only my group did it, so she want us explain to our class how to do a discussion essay. Therefore, we did it and although our explanation litter bit messy but I hope everyone knew how to do it. After that, Miss zue gave us a time to post our blog and also commented. So before went to back, she gave us a litter work. That are we have to pass up our assignment portfolio on Thursday night, she also gave us a piece of paper that it past year paper in March 2012. She want us do a writing and also the essay and we will discuss on Thursday night but the essay will be pass up on Monday. Huhu to many work I have to done it..hehe.. Just be patient and do it slowly.. Hope everything going to be smooth..huhu…ok see u next class daaa.. salam.


Sorry im not went to class for today.. Because I do not settle yet my argumentative essay.. So I decided not went to class. Sorry miss zue.. i don’t want she disappointed with me..


                             Yeahhhh.. Class already cancelled …hahahah. .tq miss zue..


Assalamualaikum.. hai.. today our class at SL.. today we did how to do a argumentative essay, miss zue gave us some paper that hoe to do it.. she also taught  us how to make a thesis statement. Huh.. and then, she give us one question and we have to build a thesis statement according to the question . it about organ donation. So, we have to stand that we agree or disagree to do that. So , I n my twins only do not agree to danate the organ and the rest agree with it. So , since we are agree.. miss zue tried to asked me and also my friend saraa.. did a thesis statement that we did on the whiteboard…huh it nervous! She want make a compared our thesis . so after that, I already knew how to make a argumentative essay because that essay the most hard essay to do it.. and its also always in final exam paper.  Hehe.. so I hope I can do it.. so done for today.daaa salam.
                                                             12 MARCH 2013, TUESDAY

                                                        TODAY OUR CLASS IS OFF.. 
                                                11 MARCH 2013, MONDAY

Assalamualaikum, hai everybody, .. today we continue our speaking test presentation.huh.. unfortunetly im done with my group.huh! so continue with ita's group. the group are ita, syafiqah, wasim, and adibah. so they topic is today's youth loss from home. something like that..hehe.. so they were discussed the ways to solve the problem. after it was finish we have to gave them mark according to the presentation... wahh adibah quick good..and also others . adibah did 15/20 same as to ita..but the rest they are got 13/20.. it ok..they can tried to good on speaking test. after all , miss zue want us to with our group..since our class already finished and we do not have any class . so she wanted to make a practice with our own group... ok that all for today..daa salam
                                                6 MARCH 2013, WEDNESDAY.

                     assalamualaikum . hey... see u again..hehe today as usual our class at lap.. hurm..
                                               5 MARCH 2013, TUESDAY.

assalamualaikum hello everybody.. as usual, our class today at block U. today im forgot to bring my laptob..hihihi..i tought we do not to brought it..huhuh . but unfotunately, wasim brought and he gave to us to used it..tq wasim... ok contoinue to paper that i said last class. so we done for itself editting. so we continue to change our essay to others and they must have to comment on it. i was change my paper with fikri's group. so, we changed our essay mid term and we need to comment each other essay. hehe.. after that, miss zue gave us one more paper that we have to gives a mark to essay who are we changed .it is based on the essay that they do. the paper that we gave mark, we cannot gave them and see the mark. miss zue want us do and keep it until we done and straight away give to her at our class on wednesday's, it only for today..tq..we need to go night market..daaaa hahah salam.
                                                  MONDAY , 4 MARCH 2013

Assalamualikum ..hai.. today we continued our forum that is last group presentation.. it was sarah's group.. they topic is how to reduce plastic bags..the panels are nadia salihin ,syafikah azmi and also faiz othman. after they done with the forum , miss zue give us some of paper that for our to check list essay error. each of group have their own and we have to complete essay error with read our essay. if something error such as spelling, sentence structure or etc. miss zue give 2 papers to us that are self checking and another is to other group will check each other. but that day miss zue asked us just did a itself check up. so we settle it until finished our class. before it, miss zue wanted us to pass up our essay that are before and after edited in soft copy to the athirah. done foer today..seee u next class. daaaa salam.

                                                WEDNESDAY, 27 FEBUARY 2013

 Assalamualaikum..hai everyone.. today we did a forum that i said last day.. im litter bit nerveous. it is because i hate peresentation..hahaha.. first group was presentation is izani's group.. they are did about tha factors of increasing buys of good..hurmm..its interesting right.. hehe..the second group is ita's group. their topic is cleaniness and good maintainens of public aminities.. i like this topic because it was happened in our country..such as in public toilet. it very dirty and i hope their tips will be give us benefits to follow it..third group was my group..huh.. our topic is about spirit of patriotism amonjg youth..huhu.. im as a moderater and others are panels... one of my question to panels our youth can express their tought about patriotism and how to more create spirits of patriotism among them... atikah kardi as a student..farahani as a parent.. ashraf as a ceo of tv3 and last izzat as a motivation speaker..humm.. the fouth group is inayah's group..they did topic about how to save eletricity.. so inayah as a mother so, she must be a good lesson to teach her child how to save the eletricity.. the fifth group is syafiqah's group. they are did about how to make a good diet..huh..i like this topic..because im in dieting hahhah..but still not affect..boringg....hurmm.. as usual..they are did diet must have to follow the pyramid of food.. it is the best to control diet..mybe..huihih.. so the last groups is sarah's group but they are did not do in class because we not have times..soo miss zue wanted them to do it for next week class on monday.. so.. see you on monday class.. we can know the best panel..moderater and groups did thiis forumm..seee u all again..daaa salam.

                                                            TUESDAY, 26/2/2013

Assalamualaikum.. today our class at block we are learnt about reference or we can called it bibliography. It is important to learn it .because it is the one of the in our final examination. Miss zue said we do not do the references after we do the essay, our mark will be deducted 5 mark. I have to learn it very well, there have many types references that we can do, example it are from book, magazine, online, journal and so on. The important thing that we have to put on the references are the name of author, the year, the title, and the book from and also the publisher. If our material from internet so, we must put the retrieved on the date , month and year. It also put the link of the material. So, miss zue hope, we are must do it and do not forget to do references because the mark will be deducted. After that, Miss zue want us settle down our essay draft and we must give to athirah the draft and also our draft that is commented from other group and also the references. Before we went to back, miss zue want us to do a forum by groups. So, miss zue divided our group into 6 group and 6 group have 5 members. So I got a group with atikah kardi, farahani, ashraf and also izzad. I was a moderator and our topic is about “ why youth today are generally not very patriotism to the country”. We discuss about the reason, ways and how to show the spirit of patriotism. So, see you next class.. daaa J  

                                                              MONDAY, 25/2/2014

Assalamualaikum ..hai everyone…today our class at dewan seri peria. Miss zue told us to bring our laptob.. so I brought it. Miss zue want us do a commenting to other essay draft. We are switched our essay with sara and shafiqah’ essay. At that time, suddenly, miss wanted to give our paper outline that we are already passed up to her. And she want gave back to us with a mark. I am happy with our outliner with inayah. We got mark 4/5..huhu.. Is it not bad right? Hehhe... although, other groups got higher mark than my group. I very thankful to Allah, because we did it very well and I very satisfied with my mark..heheh. Before we went to back, miss zue wanted us to edit our draft essay that according to commented that we did it and she want see it tomorrow. It done for today.. see you next class daaa.

                                                            WEDNESDAY, 20/2/2013

Assalamualaikum. As usual, today our class at SL.. hurm today miss zue mood litter bit scary hehe.. She explained us about the pattern of causes and effect essay, and we are divided into 5 groups since the pattern have 5 also so, my group did a group pattern number 4. The pattern is only causes and we need to do 5 paragraphs in a essay. miss gave our topic based on the videos had shown and our group videos is about road accident. Therefore, I have to do one paragraph. In addition, my topic sentence is reckless driving. inayah did a topic is do not follow the rules and sara did a topic is do not use a seat belt and lastly wasim did a introduction with thesis statement and also the conclusion. So we had given 40 minutes to settle down and allhamdulillah, we did it.. heheh miss zue told us who are did the each of the paragraph will responsible with correction on the sentences. Scary.. of ny sentences structure is very bad..huhu just tawakkal..see u nest week daaa salam

                                       TUESDAY, 19/2/2013

Salam, today our class is off..heheh tq miss zue.. Later on we will do replacement class..see yaaa..daaa

                                                              MONDAY, 18/2/2013

Assalamualaikum hello everybody… how yours holiday? Is it okay? If you ask me? My holiday always the best because I always want to go back my hometown..hehehe.. let talk about our activities… hurm.. our topic today is “infer” it is about guest something .it is based on our experience, knowledge and information that given. This topic is relate with our examination that given a question that is related with the text given in the final exam paper. Example is about when lecturer come to a class with angry and scariest face so, do you thing today our class lesson going to be fun or bad? Haha and wasim said that it is going to fun…hahaha.. of course the correct answer is bad right? Therefore, how we know it will happen in the future? .It is according from our experience right! That is mean we infer it. After that miss zue gave us a piece of paper for each one and we have to suggest who is the murderer and where the location murderer it is happened. wasim was correct to answer the question according to the tips are given. Then, second activities are miss zue showed us some video and we have to guest what will happen after the videos are stop. My group did it with the correct answer..hehhe..Okay that’s all for today..See u next day..daaa.. salam.

Friday, 15 February 2013

                                      WEDNESDAY , 6/2/2013
Assalamualaikum.. As usually, today our class at SL.  So we did not need to bring laptop again. This class already have computer so, we just needed to brought pendrive.. hehehe..
Last night i and inayah did a correction on our outliner and also add on some the hook for support the details. We also made correction on our sentences structure. Heheh..
When zuebaidah group want make check up with miss zue but miss zue said that she will do not see or make correction for those who done did the outliner. So, they have to change their work with other group who done it. Therefore, zuebaidah group change their work with sarah group. After that miss zue teached us how to do a commenting for others outliner with use a microsoft word. It is easy and miss zue told us to before we submit outline to her. They must change their work to other because it can help to make good or better for their outliner with others suggestion or correction. My group decided that we submit this work to Miss zue on Thursday and we change our work with sarah group. Hope we can do a good outliner. So we did out liner for whole time class and we finished our class at 5.50 p.m. see u all in two week more...happy holiday miss zue and also my friend..daaa..wsalam..

                                               TUESDAY, 5/2/ 2013
Assalamualaikum everyone.. Long time no see.. hehe.. As usually, our class today at block C. That day, we came litter bit early because we scared if Miss zue scold us again. Heheh.. so, althought i did not came to class last day but my friend told me to brought laptop in class because miss zue want to make check up for our outline for our essay that will be in midterm paper. So, must be inayah was my partner for this assignment and we are did the outline but still not finish yet. When, miss zue did checked up to others group so, we tried to finish our outline. After that, when our turn, miss zue called us and we are litter bit nervous because we did not came class last day so, we did not know the information about this last day..So when miss zue checked our paper it litter bit bad . It’s to many correction have to do it and our sentences structure is suck as miss zue said..heheh we know it..Therefore, we have to make it good and better. This assignment we have to pass up before we go back our holiday.. So my trip go back hometown on Thursday.. so we need to finish  before Thursday. See you all tomorrow at SL. Miss zue said that we going to do this also tomorrow. Okey.. Done for today... see u ..daaaa wsalam..

                                              MONDAY, 4/2/2013.
Salam, I’m sorry because did not attend bell class today.
                            WEDNESDAY, 30 /1/ 2013.
Assalamualaikum …. Today we also continue our class about thesis statement. Since ita group and asnawi group still not approve by miss zue. Therefore, when asnawi groups presented their thesis it has made Miss zue mad, it’s because they still did wrong with the thesis statement. Miss zue want us to made correction on their thesis statement. We all just quietly silence.. heheh..It is scary~~~~… however, Miss zue still helped them to corrected their sentences structure and its was approve. Ita‘s group also approved..hurmm so, next step is we have to do a introduction.. Since, the all of groups did the introduction so, Miss zue just gone to each of group to checked up one by one. When miss zue checked our introduction.. She said that all of groups still did a same mistake. The big mistake is plagiarism.. .Its mean copy and paste other idea or research.. Therefore, we need to put name the idea that we get from our material and did the quotation or rephrasing. Miss zue also want us to make correction with our sentences all same mistake right? Heheh.. Hope I can improve our grammar… it all about for today..See u next week..daa salam. See u all then….daaa salaam..
                                       TUESDAY, 29/1/2013.
Assalamualaikum hai everyone..How yours holiday? Is it good?.. heheh.. so today we continue our class at block c with presentation about thesis statement. Since my group already approved so, other group will presented today.. Started with argumentative essay groups.. They did a discussion at the library on last Wednesday so, they all thesis statement are approved by miss zue.. It’s really good and made miss zue happy..tq to my friend..heheh after they are groups, its continue to compare and contrast groups. They also did discussion at library.. With the discussion they did the thesis statement very well.. So they work was approve by miss zue.. Only certain group still have not approved yet. Miss zue want them do againand show it for the next class.. Hope they will did very well and get approve by miss zue.. gud luck guys..

                                  MONDAY, 28/1/ 2013.
                                WEDNESDAY, 23/1/2013
Assalamualaikum today our class not at SL but at library. I told before that Miss zue not came and she want us discuses with groups. since my group is only did a discussion essay and our thesis statement was approve so, we did not in a group so I just did my blog that not still settle yet. So, after settle down my blog we back at 5.30 p.m heheh.. Nothing much our activities today since miss zue was not coming.. So, see u next class daaa…salam..
                                     TUESDAY, 22/1/ 2013.

Assalamualikum , today our class at block c. huh..Today is scary day because Miss zue want us to present our introduction and also the thesis statement. The first group was volunteer to presented is faiz adha with fikri. After a while, they presented it, miss zue like got mad. It is because they did one introduction and the thesis statement was wrong. Huh..Scary..i felt that our thesis statement also wrong maybe..huhu. To check up the intro and also the thesis statement made it took a long tome..Therefore, Miss zue tried to checked up the thesis only. When our turn, we did three intro included thesis statement. So when we presented the three intros and thesis. Miss zue just said the first our thesis is good and better than the two thesis. Therefore, we litter bit happy because our thesis being accepted. Hehehhe.. For those who did an argumentative essay did their thesis statement was wrong and a group of compare and contrast. Therefore, Miss zue said that she will not attend tomorrow class. Therefore, she wants us to the library, sits with each group of types of essay, and discusses how to do a correct thesis statement. She said that we must have to get approve from her by this week.. Because we have to catch up to do a outline as soon as possible. Only 3 group not presented yet, so they will present by next week. Okey.. See u next class at library..daaa

Thursday, 14 February 2013

                                             MONDAY , 21 JANUARY 2013.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

                               TUESDAY , 15 JANUARY 2013
ASSALAMUALIKUM, hai everyone.. today our class at block Usahawan. So, today we are lesson about how to create thesis statement. Miss zue showed her slide that are many examples of thesis statement so, she taught us one by one because the thesis statement must be base on our groups types of essay ,which are argumentative, problem and solution, causes and effect, compare and contrast and last but not least our types of essay  is discussion. Although we going to do discussion essay for midterm examination but we also have to know other essays. It is because we do not know what types of essay that will be come out in our final examination. Hurmm.. so I have to know all the types. Only my group did a discussion essay and I’m shocked. We are the lucky one did discussion essay because it was the one of easier essay other than types of essay. Okey.. that all about that day..daaaa salam.

                            MONDAY , 14 JANUARY 2013
Salam… how about our class today??? So, today miss said that we are going to do speaking test..haa?? I shocked because im not ready yet..huhuh actually , we are going to do debate . We did a debate and actually we did this as a exercises before our speaking test coming. When   Miss Zue told us that we going to do a debate activity only for the whole day ,yeahhhh!!  I felt very happy but at the same time, I felt afraid to speak in front of others. Then, Miss Zue separate us in fourth group which is two groups was debate each other as a opponent and other groups is government. Miss Zue explained us all the rules and how to do a debate. Miss Zue said that my group as a government and the third group is opponent , we got the topic for debate is “ is it true men it’s easy to work with than  women and women is more creative than men” .we have to defense that  men it’s easy to work with . Miss Zue give us 20 minutes to found all point and  after 3 P.M everyone must get ready to started debate and. After that, the first and second group did the presentation; we saw that everyone got nervous. The first group as government and the second is opponent; their topic is “it is considered cheating with girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife to poking and liking on facebook with other beautiful women/men?” Sounds good right? Hahaha I felt funny when read that topic. Their started debate, at first the situation quite bored and after 10 minute they was starting argued and more point comes out. Sometimes, it’s very funny when fikri started talk and tried give their opinion and refute other point, he was so funny hahaha. My group and fourth as a judges have right to choose the best group in debate and the best presenter, so we have too looked up properly. After 20 minute, our group and fourth started to debate,the side group started to give their opinion and nadia zamri started to give opinion and I though her point make me felt to argued it. She’s point is women can work in a team because they can do work properly and the idea more credible than men. So, I argued that it’s reality if women too good doing their task but women idea more credible is not true..Because I think a man’s ideas are more boom and strong when they gives opinion. After that, its followed to others point and the others argued. So, after a few minutes, we did our conclusion and also other side groups. So, miss zue asked us to judged the first and second groups that which one is the best.. So, the best groups is fikri’s group and our debated with third group are equal. So no winner for our topic..hahahha..okey see next activity..daaa salam

                         WEDNESDAY , 19 JANUARY 2013
Assalamualaikum.. Hello everyone.. so, let’s talk about our class at SL .Before we started our class, as a normal we began with Tasbih Kifarah and AL Fatihah.  Nothing much that I can share  our activities today because miss zue told us to start commenting our each of class s’ bloggers and before that miss zue give us to settle down our posting about our essay material that we did on table by Microsoft copy. So, I just did copy and paste that but miss zue wanted us to give more explanation the journey how that task being rejected and accepted. Hahaha..its so hard ,if you all want to read it, just take a look my early, after one hour settled down it, we continued with commenting each other blogs. I started commenting to fikri’s blog. Hahah.. His blog background is durian. Hahah.. it’s funny and weird. After that, I was comment blogs of Wasim, Faiz Othman, Nadia zamri, and others. So the whole that day we just did post and comment until our class dismissed at 5.45 p.m. done! See u next week..daaaaa

                                TUESDAY, 8 JANUARY 2013

Assalamualaikum our class at usahawan block..when miss zue came to class, miss zue brought a small box on her hand and i was wonder..heheheh...just wait and see..! let talk about our lesson..we lesson today about FACT AND OPINION... when miss zue asked who volunteer to explain the different of fact and opinion??.. wasem tried to answer it..he said that fact is specific and his said that fikri is handsome as a example but its was is opinion.!.. then, faiz osman suggested that maybe we can use his born date as a example for fact. yeh! its correct!..hhehe..after miss zue give more explained about fact and opinion and also we did some exersice together on slide.yeahhhh... the time that we are looking for..its a GAME!..heheh.. after we divide into group mates are solihin,athirah,nabila,and adiba. After that,miss zue told to representative for one groups came out to take one item from the small box. So, solihin as my team leader volunteer to came out and his took a face scrup produck. Hahaha.. from the item we have to found the fact about it and also made severals opinion and make it our friend confused the fact and the, when our team turned to came out to presented, each of our group members must have their statement about the fact or opinion.The second groups was guest and its correct. Good job..huhu so, we continued with others group. We did the activity until our class dissmissed . so see next day..daaa.salamm

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

                                 Assalamualikum everyone!
hai.. i want to share  my experience being rejected about my essay topic for midterm examination.hahaha..firstly, miss zue give a task that we have to found some issues in our country. we just looked up on newspaper and we found two issues that are big bad book habit among malaysian, and also child abuse. after that, when some group was presentation for their topic, its many was wrong there. and we thought that our slide also was wrong. it is because of miss zue want that our material must from a five types of material for one our topic.the material such as newspaper,databased from uitm library,magazine, internet, and books but the important that miss zue looked is databased that is journal. so,our material just only newspaper. i felt better we not present that day..heheh..miss zue disscused with us about our types of essay that we are going to do and our group choose disscustion essay as our type of essay because we choose our topic is big bad book habit. so the next day, after class finance, we tried to look on databased in library for our topic big bad book habit but unluckily our topic material not have in journal. sad..then, i and inayah tried to search for a new topic..and suddently, inayah suggested about credit i thought that is good and we tried to find user credit card among student college... im very happy when our new topic have in we looked forward to find more sources from internet and newspaper.

this is our topic with inayah "The Benefits and Drawbacks of Credit Cards’ Utilization among Malaysian University  College"

Type of material and name
Title of article
(the interactive effects of personal credit literacy in predicting the credit card debt of college students and subsequent outcomes)
Byronn  Lynn Margon
San Marcos, Texas
Year of publication
Website address(online sources)
ProQuest dissertation and thesis:2009
Date of retrieval (online sources)
19 December 2012
Volume no. , issues no.,and page(s)
Page  (184), Issue (46-47)

Type of material and name
Title of article
Advantages and Disvantages of student credit cards
GoBanking  staff

Year of publication
July 10, 2010
Website address(online sources)
Http://gobanking Rates .com/ credit cards-rates/advantages-anddisvantages-of-students-credit-cards/#
Date of retrieval (online sources)
19 december 2012
Volume no. , issues no.,and page(s)

Type of material and name
Title of article
Consider the probs and cons of putting your college student on your credit cards account
Gobanking staff

Year of publication
July 10, 2010
Website address(online sources)
Http://gobankingrates .com/credit-cards-rates/your-college-students-credit-cards
Date of retrieval (online sources)
27 December 2012
Volume no. , issues no.,and page(s)

                                 MONDAY, 7 JANUARY 2013
Assalamualaikum... hai.. we meet again..hehe.. today our class at DSP..but just for a few we are bring our own laptob to did our blog, since the internet cannot acsess so, miss zue asked us to went to the library. Before we went to the library, sarra and zuebaidah groups did their essay topic presentation and its accepted by miss zue..congrate!.sarrah group topic is sex education and they will do argumentative essay. however, zuebaidah group topic is allowed to primary students use telephone in school. the whole period we are in the library and just created our blog..and comments each other. nothing that  i can shared

Monday, 7 January 2013

                                 WEDNESDAY, 2 JANUARY 2013
Assalamualaikum, today our class at SL.. so, the first thing that miss zue asked we did is a online asessment..the due date of online asessment on 31 jan 2013. so i have to sttle it..hurm..after that, we are learned about how to do summarizing on sentences and we did some exersices. then, miss zue asked us to divided into a several groups for videos summarizing competition among us.heheh.. too bad.... when i have to separate with inayah because i have to joined to another group..after the video showed, we have to summarized according to the video and make a topic sentence based on it... my group got 0 marks because the three out of videos topic are wrong..hahahaha..ITS FUNNY..! okey..our class already done at 5.55 p.m. daaa..see next...salam!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

                              TUESDAY, 1 JANUARY 2013 is the first of january 2013 right!..happy new year, lets continue our lesson.. sorry i forgot to told that miss zue give us some exersice on textbook..hurmm..i already done it..when miss zue was bringing up the exersice..she called wasem and wawa to showed their work at the white board.., miss zue made a correction at their sentences.. so i felt more understood how to do rephrasing on sentences..hurmm..after that, we are continued our lesson about summarize..after miss zue explained it, then we are did a lot of exersices together on miss zue slides. our class finished on 5.30 p.m because miss zue have a meeting.. i like it..cause today have a night we can go early..hehe..
daaa..see you all on the next class..wsaalam

                       MONDAY, 31 DECEMBER 2012..

So, today is our last day for this year..huhu..and its also nice day..because miss zue seems liked more cheerful and happy..hehe.. so, we are began our class activities with continue the groups that not presented yet..sarra and zuebaidah groups not already accept..miss zue want to see them by next week..hope their topic will be accept..insyallah..goodluck!
after that, miss zue explained us about how to rephrase a sentences. rephrasing is change some word to other word without change the meaning. its useful for our midterm examination. so, i have to read a lot because its will help to get easy when to change a some words to other words . our class finished at 3.50 p.m. so lets continue tomorrow..byee..  

                         WEDNESDAY, 19 DEC 2012

Assalamualaikum.. today our class at SL. I’m sure that day is the most scary day. It’s because all of us must have present the task that given.. hurm.. I really scared to present our slide..when i and inayah turned..i just, our group topic is The advantages and disadvantages of use of credit card among university student and our materials are journal its from database and also internet. Miss zue accepted our topic and we are so grateful. However, she tried to change our topic to "The benefits and drawbacks of credit cards’ utilization among Malaysian university students". It’s because our topic statement is too common..huuhu.. Before our class finished, Miss zue told us to write down all the information about our materials in a table. So see you all next class..daaa..salam

                         TUESDAY, 18 DEC 2012

Assalamualaikum.. so.. let’s continue about our task given. We have to find the broad-narrowed-focus that are relate with the essay topic and we have to find the materials about the topic as a fact such as newspaper, internet, data bases, magazine and book. So, we found a several topics such as bad book habit among Malaysian(newspaper), child abuse(newspaper),and smoke(internet). When miss zue entered class, she’s face litter bit moody, so I though it’s would be better if  I’m not present today.huhuh.. suddenly, she said “who volunteer to present?”..then sarra and syafiqah are volunteer to presented. When they showed their slides.. Miss zue said its wrong. So I though my slides also wrong.. huh..better we not do it. After several group presented.. she give us instructed how to do the right way..then, she want us to do again and decided which types of essay that we are going to do. So I and inayah decided to choose about discusstion essay. so continue to next class…. Wsalam.

                            MONDAY, 17 DEC 2012

Assalamualaikum.. hye everyone.. long time no update my blog.
My class on Monday at DSP.  Hurmm….  that day, miss zue was teaching us about grammar. It is because, when she checked our class bell 311 blogs. She said “ your grammar extremely bad ”. I’m not shocked at all.. because I know it’s also happened to me. Hahah.. and I really grateful because she explained us about the grammar. Although I  have been learned it before.. i though that it’s my first time learned it....hahah.. I admit that my grammar really suck since I was learning English subject in primary school and I never give my effort to learned until understand clearly. So.. this time, I will take this chance to polish my grammar to be a better and more better..
Before our class time up, Miss zue give us assignment to discuss and the tast will be in I and inayah as a let’s talk about this task tomorrow class..alright! daaaa wasalammm..