Friday, 15 February 2013

                            WEDNESDAY, 30 /1/ 2013.
Assalamualaikum …. Today we also continue our class about thesis statement. Since ita group and asnawi group still not approve by miss zue. Therefore, when asnawi groups presented their thesis it has made Miss zue mad, it’s because they still did wrong with the thesis statement. Miss zue want us to made correction on their thesis statement. We all just quietly silence.. heheh..It is scary~~~~… however, Miss zue still helped them to corrected their sentences structure and its was approve. Ita‘s group also approved..hurmm so, next step is we have to do a introduction.. Since, the all of groups did the introduction so, Miss zue just gone to each of group to checked up one by one. When miss zue checked our introduction.. She said that all of groups still did a same mistake. The big mistake is plagiarism.. .Its mean copy and paste other idea or research.. Therefore, we need to put name the idea that we get from our material and did the quotation or rephrasing. Miss zue also want us to make correction with our sentences all same mistake right? Heheh.. Hope I can improve our grammar… it all about for today..See u next week..daa salam. See u all then….daaa salaam..

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