Friday, 15 February 2013

                                     TUESDAY, 22/1/ 2013.

Assalamualikum , today our class at block c. huh..Today is scary day because Miss zue want us to present our introduction and also the thesis statement. The first group was volunteer to presented is faiz adha with fikri. After a while, they presented it, miss zue like got mad. It is because they did one introduction and the thesis statement was wrong. Huh..Scary..i felt that our thesis statement also wrong maybe..huhu. To check up the intro and also the thesis statement made it took a long tome..Therefore, Miss zue tried to checked up the thesis only. When our turn, we did three intro included thesis statement. So when we presented the three intros and thesis. Miss zue just said the first our thesis is good and better than the two thesis. Therefore, we litter bit happy because our thesis being accepted. Hehehhe.. For those who did an argumentative essay did their thesis statement was wrong and a group of compare and contrast. Therefore, Miss zue said that she will not attend tomorrow class. Therefore, she wants us to the library, sits with each group of types of essay, and discusses how to do a correct thesis statement. She said that we must have to get approve from her by this week.. Because we have to catch up to do a outline as soon as possible. Only 3 group not presented yet, so they will present by next week. Okey.. See u next class at library..daaa

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