Friday, 15 February 2013

                                      WEDNESDAY , 6/2/2013
Assalamualaikum.. As usually, today our class at SL.  So we did not need to bring laptop again. This class already have computer so, we just needed to brought pendrive.. hehehe..
Last night i and inayah did a correction on our outliner and also add on some the hook for support the details. We also made correction on our sentences structure. Heheh..
When zuebaidah group want make check up with miss zue but miss zue said that she will do not see or make correction for those who done did the outliner. So, they have to change their work with other group who done it. Therefore, zuebaidah group change their work with sarah group. After that miss zue teached us how to do a commenting for others outliner with use a microsoft word. It is easy and miss zue told us to before we submit outline to her. They must change their work to other because it can help to make good or better for their outliner with others suggestion or correction. My group decided that we submit this work to Miss zue on Thursday and we change our work with sarah group. Hope we can do a good outliner. So we did out liner for whole time class and we finished our class at 5.50 p.m. see u all in two week more...happy holiday miss zue and also my friend..daaa..wsalam..

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  1. i like to know what did you know about outline?