Friday, 15 February 2013

                                       TUESDAY, 29/1/2013.
Assalamualaikum hai everyone..How yours holiday? Is it good?.. heheh.. so today we continue our class at block c with presentation about thesis statement. Since my group already approved so, other group will presented today.. Started with argumentative essay groups.. They did a discussion at the library on last Wednesday so, they all thesis statement are approved by miss zue.. It’s really good and made miss zue happy..tq to my friend..heheh after they are groups, its continue to compare and contrast groups. They also did discussion at library.. With the discussion they did the thesis statement very well.. So they work was approve by miss zue.. Only certain group still have not approved yet. Miss zue want them do againand show it for the next class.. Hope they will did very well and get approve by miss zue.. gud luck guys..

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