Friday, 15 February 2013

                                               TUESDAY, 5/2/ 2013
Assalamualaikum everyone.. Long time no see.. hehe.. As usually, our class today at block C. That day, we came litter bit early because we scared if Miss zue scold us again. Heheh.. so, althought i did not came to class last day but my friend told me to brought laptop in class because miss zue want to make check up for our outline for our essay that will be in midterm paper. So, must be inayah was my partner for this assignment and we are did the outline but still not finish yet. When, miss zue did checked up to others group so, we tried to finish our outline. After that, when our turn, miss zue called us and we are litter bit nervous because we did not came class last day so, we did not know the information about this last day..So when miss zue checked our paper it litter bit bad . It’s to many correction have to do it and our sentences structure is suck as miss zue said..heheh we know it..Therefore, we have to make it good and better. This assignment we have to pass up before we go back our holiday.. So my trip go back hometown on Thursday.. so we need to finish  before Thursday. See you all tomorrow at SL. Miss zue said that we going to do this also tomorrow. Okey.. Done for today... see u ..daaaa wsalam..

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  1. what did miss zur said about your outline? is it great? just curious ececeh