Sunday, 16 December 2012

                                        WEDNESDAY, 12/12/2012
Assalamualaikum everyone… today our class did not do any activities and because we are in computer room at, miss zue give us that time to  created blog for those who still not done yet and the rest can started to post about first bell 311 class on Monday… i never have blog this before.. so I tried to get helped from sarra safari because she already have experienced with a blog. I tried to get helped from her to teach me how  to use and add the blogger as a follower. After that, I and my classmates changed our name to add each other blog. The whole period we did just created our blog and tried to learned how to use it. Before our class time up, miss  zue  give us assignment as a homework for this weekend to search in newspaper about some current issue in Malaysia that something still fresh in mind among of Malaysian. The task that given must to settle down before Monday and also about post the class bell 311 blog from the 1st day  until 5th entries day.. this all about for today !..bye..bye wassalam…  
                                               TUESDAY, 11/12/2012

we continued with other friends presentation that did not yet..only  six pair did not settle yet..we took one and half period to done another period we did a activity and really enjoy it..hahah
firstly, miss zue wrote on white board " that's shocking".. i was wondering..hurrmm.. then she give instructed to us to write on a paper about something that can make someone shock when they read about i just do it and after that, miss zue told us to create that paper make it fly..huhu.. then we was fly our paper to people infront of us..huhu its so funny..Fatin who is the 1st person came out and read the paper..haha..this is the most game that i like..Athirah took my paper..when her came out to read the paper..i felt shame..because its about me..hahah..the one of the facts that i wrote is when i and my twins was is so bad..because..we use the all of our body to fight..hahaha..then, my turn to read.. and when i guess who is the owner of this paper is Atikah kardi..hahah..i just guess and it was her..hahha..good job!..huhu
it is done for tuesday class..see u next day..daaaa
                                                           MONDAY , 10/12/2012

opsss... that day is a nervous day...huhuh because we have a presentation...arrrrrgghh the most activity that i hate it!!!!.. but what can i do..i have to do it!..sad!.. i paired with Ashraf and the task that given is presentation about my partner and miss zue told us to came out the three facts and one fake thing about my partner. The first pair came out is Asnawi and Nadia. huh.. when i saw their presented..i felt very...very scared..suddenly after they finished... Asnawi was volunteer to called ashraf name for the next pair...arrggg..i'm very shocked!!! it was me!!.. hahah..but i tried to keep calm..firstly, Ashraf was explained about me, then my turned up..i'm so nervous and its make me keep doing wrong.. miss zue tried help me to make correct my grammar. hurrmm..After i introduced about Ashraf, then i give the four facts about him to my friends to guest "what is the one that is lied??."hehe..the one of facts about him is he is a messy man because he lazy to use comb for tied up his hair..but i do not like a man who is messy..hahaha.. it is the one of facts that true about i do not like..hehe..the one of the fake out of the facts about ashraf is he is do not like a cat..but i like a cat! haha.. nevermind !..The important is my presentation is DONE!!..huhu..ok see u next time..for another group presentation..daaaaa

                              WEDNESDAY AT 4.P.M UNTIL 5.50 P.M  WAS CANCEL!
                                                      TUESDAY, 4/12/2012

we started our class at 4 p.m.. That day we discussed about essay only..I shocked when miss zue told us that we have to learn.
5 types of essay such as:-
-argumentative essay,
-similar and compare essay,
-cause and effect  essay,
-discussion essay,
-problem solve evolution essay
too much!!!! i'm really sad if i cannot do it well.
sooo.. the solution is..i have to more focus on essay and more improve my grammar. hurmm.. i was remember when sarra safari said about googles translate. suddenly, miss zue told us that we are cannot do the essay use googles translate because if we use it that can effect our grammar and it is those who trying to use google translate..please forget about it and also to me..hahaha...
After discussion, we have given a assignment to is presentation in pair.. and my partner is we just have to know all about our partner and the four facts about him and the one of the facts must be lie and our classmates have to guest it.which one is fake fact!..hehe..soo lets do it next class..bye..bye..

Friday, 14 December 2012

             What My opinion of blogging???.

Hurmmm.. it is my 1st time do a blog. So I’m felt it hard to create and I never though that I have my owned blog because I do not like to create or read others blog.So, when miss zue told us to create own blog, I felt that it was burden to me. However, when I did my 1st posted,emmm it is not too bad and its quite interesting so I have to do this because I know the purpose of create this is not just only for backup my mark but it is also for improving my writing.Hopefully, I can keep this blog going on not until just finish bell 311 class.
                                         What my view of writing???

Of course, I will tell that I really..really do not like writing!.. hahaha. Actually, it is not because of about writing but it is all about ENGLISH!!!... I do not hate the class or lecturer or else but since, I was in primary school make me felt this subject is the most hard to learn and also to understand. However, i’m never hate this subject and I’m also hope that my grammar error can be improve to be a better !!!. of course, if we are excellent in grammar that will be the easier in writing as well as in speaking. So I hope that I will try my best to improve my grammar through Bell 311 class.

it's all about bell 311 class

                                      MONDAY, 2 SEPTEMBER 2012

Assalamualaikum to all my friends .... how about the first bel 311 class today??.. is it okey?. really sad because all of classes on evening,its will make me sleepy..huhu however i  have to go...As usual for the 1st class must have introduction right..hurmm.. my lecture is miss not mr same as well as last semester..her name is miss zuraidah but we called her miss zue... she told us about the whole thing that we are going to study for bel 311 class. I am really hope that i can improve my english and the most important that i have to take more attention in grammar...its really bad!. oohh.. im forgot about the activity that we did in class...the began make me wonder?...because miss zue give us instructed to stand and did  a circle...after that she said that we have to share anything about with friend that infront of us then after a few minutes, we have to switch to another friend...hurm..the first person it was nabila bistamam and we talked about our holiday on semester break and the last person its was asnawi. After switched its already time up..hahah.. It is my first time play this game and it was a funny game..hehehe.we played this game until the class time up around 3.50 p.m.