Sunday, 16 December 2012

                                        WEDNESDAY, 12/12/2012
Assalamualaikum everyone… today our class did not do any activities and because we are in computer room at, miss zue give us that time to  created blog for those who still not done yet and the rest can started to post about first bell 311 class on Monday… i never have blog this before.. so I tried to get helped from sarra safari because she already have experienced with a blog. I tried to get helped from her to teach me how  to use and add the blogger as a follower. After that, I and my classmates changed our name to add each other blog. The whole period we did just created our blog and tried to learned how to use it. Before our class time up, miss  zue  give us assignment as a homework for this weekend to search in newspaper about some current issue in Malaysia that something still fresh in mind among of Malaysian. The task that given must to settle down before Monday and also about post the class bell 311 blog from the 1st day  until 5th entries day.. this all about for today !..bye..bye wassalam…  

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