Sunday, 16 December 2012

                                                      TUESDAY, 4/12/2012

we started our class at 4 p.m.. That day we discussed about essay only..I shocked when miss zue told us that we have to learn.
5 types of essay such as:-
-argumentative essay,
-similar and compare essay,
-cause and effect  essay,
-discussion essay,
-problem solve evolution essay
too much!!!! i'm really sad if i cannot do it well.
sooo.. the solution is..i have to more focus on essay and more improve my grammar. hurmm.. i was remember when sarra safari said about googles translate. suddenly, miss zue told us that we are cannot do the essay use googles translate because if we use it that can effect our grammar and it is those who trying to use google translate..please forget about it and also to me..hahaha...
After discussion, we have given a assignment to is presentation in pair.. and my partner is we just have to know all about our partner and the four facts about him and the one of the facts must be lie and our classmates have to guest it.which one is fake fact!..hehe..soo lets do it next class..bye..bye..

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