Sunday, 16 December 2012

                                                           MONDAY , 10/12/2012

opsss... that day is a nervous day...huhuh because we have a presentation...arrrrrgghh the most activity that i hate it!!!!.. but what can i do..i have to do it!..sad!.. i paired with Ashraf and the task that given is presentation about my partner and miss zue told us to came out the three facts and one fake thing about my partner. The first pair came out is Asnawi and Nadia. huh.. when i saw their presented..i felt very...very scared..suddenly after they finished... Asnawi was volunteer to called ashraf name for the next pair...arrggg..i'm very shocked!!! it was me!!.. hahah..but i tried to keep calm..firstly, Ashraf was explained about me, then my turned up..i'm so nervous and its make me keep doing wrong.. miss zue tried help me to make correct my grammar. hurrmm..After i introduced about Ashraf, then i give the four facts about him to my friends to guest "what is the one that is lied??."hehe..the one of facts about him is he is a messy man because he lazy to use comb for tied up his hair..but i do not like a man who is messy..hahaha.. it is the one of facts that true about i do not like..hehe..the one of the fake out of the facts about ashraf is he is do not like a cat..but i like a cat! haha.. nevermind !..The important is my presentation is DONE!!..huhu..ok see u next time..for another group presentation..daaaaa

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