Sunday, 16 December 2012

                                               TUESDAY, 11/12/2012

we continued with other friends presentation that did not yet..only  six pair did not settle yet..we took one and half period to done another period we did a activity and really enjoy it..hahah
firstly, miss zue wrote on white board " that's shocking".. i was wondering..hurrmm.. then she give instructed to us to write on a paper about something that can make someone shock when they read about i just do it and after that, miss zue told us to create that paper make it fly..huhu.. then we was fly our paper to people infront of us..huhu its so funny..Fatin who is the 1st person came out and read the paper..haha..this is the most game that i like..Athirah took my paper..when her came out to read the paper..i felt shame..because its about me..hahah..the one of the facts that i wrote is when i and my twins was is so bad..because..we use the all of our body to fight..hahaha..then, my turn to read.. and when i guess who is the owner of this paper is Atikah kardi..hahah..i just guess and it was her..hahha..good job!..huhu
it is done for tuesday class..see u next day..daaaa

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