Friday, 15 February 2013

                                      WEDNESDAY , 6/2/2013
Assalamualaikum.. As usually, today our class at SL.  So we did not need to bring laptop again. This class already have computer so, we just needed to brought pendrive.. hehehe..
Last night i and inayah did a correction on our outliner and also add on some the hook for support the details. We also made correction on our sentences structure. Heheh..
When zuebaidah group want make check up with miss zue but miss zue said that she will do not see or make correction for those who done did the outliner. So, they have to change their work with other group who done it. Therefore, zuebaidah group change their work with sarah group. After that miss zue teached us how to do a commenting for others outliner with use a microsoft word. It is easy and miss zue told us to before we submit outline to her. They must change their work to other because it can help to make good or better for their outliner with others suggestion or correction. My group decided that we submit this work to Miss zue on Thursday and we change our work with sarah group. Hope we can do a good outliner. So we did out liner for whole time class and we finished our class at 5.50 p.m. see u all in two week more...happy holiday miss zue and also my friend..daaa..wsalam..

                                               TUESDAY, 5/2/ 2013
Assalamualaikum everyone.. Long time no see.. hehe.. As usually, our class today at block C. That day, we came litter bit early because we scared if Miss zue scold us again. Heheh.. so, althought i did not came to class last day but my friend told me to brought laptop in class because miss zue want to make check up for our outline for our essay that will be in midterm paper. So, must be inayah was my partner for this assignment and we are did the outline but still not finish yet. When, miss zue did checked up to others group so, we tried to finish our outline. After that, when our turn, miss zue called us and we are litter bit nervous because we did not came class last day so, we did not know the information about this last day..So when miss zue checked our paper it litter bit bad . It’s to many correction have to do it and our sentences structure is suck as miss zue said..heheh we know it..Therefore, we have to make it good and better. This assignment we have to pass up before we go back our holiday.. So my trip go back hometown on Thursday.. so we need to finish  before Thursday. See you all tomorrow at SL. Miss zue said that we going to do this also tomorrow. Okey.. Done for today... see u ..daaaa wsalam..

                                              MONDAY, 4/2/2013.
Salam, I’m sorry because did not attend bell class today.
                            WEDNESDAY, 30 /1/ 2013.
Assalamualaikum …. Today we also continue our class about thesis statement. Since ita group and asnawi group still not approve by miss zue. Therefore, when asnawi groups presented their thesis it has made Miss zue mad, it’s because they still did wrong with the thesis statement. Miss zue want us to made correction on their thesis statement. We all just quietly silence.. heheh..It is scary~~~~… however, Miss zue still helped them to corrected their sentences structure and its was approve. Ita‘s group also approved..hurmm so, next step is we have to do a introduction.. Since, the all of groups did the introduction so, Miss zue just gone to each of group to checked up one by one. When miss zue checked our introduction.. She said that all of groups still did a same mistake. The big mistake is plagiarism.. .Its mean copy and paste other idea or research.. Therefore, we need to put name the idea that we get from our material and did the quotation or rephrasing. Miss zue also want us to make correction with our sentences all same mistake right? Heheh.. Hope I can improve our grammar… it all about for today..See u next week..daa salam. See u all then….daaa salaam..
                                       TUESDAY, 29/1/2013.
Assalamualaikum hai everyone..How yours holiday? Is it good?.. heheh.. so today we continue our class at block c with presentation about thesis statement. Since my group already approved so, other group will presented today.. Started with argumentative essay groups.. They did a discussion at the library on last Wednesday so, they all thesis statement are approved by miss zue.. It’s really good and made miss zue happy..tq to my friend..heheh after they are groups, its continue to compare and contrast groups. They also did discussion at library.. With the discussion they did the thesis statement very well.. So they work was approve by miss zue.. Only certain group still have not approved yet. Miss zue want them do againand show it for the next class.. Hope they will did very well and get approve by miss zue.. gud luck guys..

                                  MONDAY, 28/1/ 2013.
                                WEDNESDAY, 23/1/2013
Assalamualaikum today our class not at SL but at library. I told before that Miss zue not came and she want us discuses with groups. since my group is only did a discussion essay and our thesis statement was approve so, we did not in a group so I just did my blog that not still settle yet. So, after settle down my blog we back at 5.30 p.m heheh.. Nothing much our activities today since miss zue was not coming.. So, see u next class daaa…salam..
                                     TUESDAY, 22/1/ 2013.

Assalamualikum , today our class at block c. huh..Today is scary day because Miss zue want us to present our introduction and also the thesis statement. The first group was volunteer to presented is faiz adha with fikri. After a while, they presented it, miss zue like got mad. It is because they did one introduction and the thesis statement was wrong. Huh..Scary..i felt that our thesis statement also wrong maybe..huhu. To check up the intro and also the thesis statement made it took a long tome..Therefore, Miss zue tried to checked up the thesis only. When our turn, we did three intro included thesis statement. So when we presented the three intros and thesis. Miss zue just said the first our thesis is good and better than the two thesis. Therefore, we litter bit happy because our thesis being accepted. Hehehhe.. For those who did an argumentative essay did their thesis statement was wrong and a group of compare and contrast. Therefore, Miss zue said that she will not attend tomorrow class. Therefore, she wants us to the library, sits with each group of types of essay, and discusses how to do a correct thesis statement. She said that we must have to get approve from her by this week.. Because we have to catch up to do a outline as soon as possible. Only 3 group not presented yet, so they will present by next week. Okey.. See u next class at library..daaa

Thursday, 14 February 2013

                                             MONDAY , 21 JANUARY 2013.