Sunday, 6 January 2013

                            MONDAY, 17 DEC 2012

Assalamualaikum.. hye everyone.. long time no update my blog.
My class on Monday at DSP.  Hurmm….  that day, miss zue was teaching us about grammar. It is because, when she checked our class bell 311 blogs. She said “ your grammar extremely bad ”. I’m not shocked at all.. because I know it’s also happened to me. Hahah.. and I really grateful because she explained us about the grammar. Although I  have been learned it before.. i though that it’s my first time learned it....hahah.. I admit that my grammar really suck since I was learning English subject in primary school and I never give my effort to learned until understand clearly. So.. this time, I will take this chance to polish my grammar to be a better and more better..
Before our class time up, Miss zue give us assignment to discuss and the tast will be in I and inayah as a let’s talk about this task tomorrow class..alright! daaaa wasalammm..

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