Wednesday, 23 January 2013

                                TUESDAY, 8 JANUARY 2013

Assalamualaikum our class at usahawan block..when miss zue came to class, miss zue brought a small box on her hand and i was wonder..heheheh...just wait and see..! let talk about our lesson..we lesson today about FACT AND OPINION... when miss zue asked who volunteer to explain the different of fact and opinion??.. wasem tried to answer it..he said that fact is specific and his said that fikri is handsome as a example but its was is opinion.!.. then, faiz osman suggested that maybe we can use his born date as a example for fact. yeh! its correct!..hhehe..after miss zue give more explained about fact and opinion and also we did some exersice together on slide.yeahhhh... the time that we are looking for..its a GAME!..heheh.. after we divide into group mates are solihin,athirah,nabila,and adiba. After that,miss zue told to representative for one groups came out to take one item from the small box. So, solihin as my team leader volunteer to came out and his took a face scrup produck. Hahaha.. from the item we have to found the fact about it and also made severals opinion and make it our friend confused the fact and the, when our team turned to came out to presented, each of our group members must have their statement about the fact or opinion.The second groups was guest and its correct. Good job..huhu so, we continued with others group. We did the activity until our class dissmissed . so see next day..daaa.salamm

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