Wednesday, 23 January 2013

                            MONDAY , 14 JANUARY 2013
Salam… how about our class today??? So, today miss said that we are going to do speaking test..haa?? I shocked because im not ready yet..huhuh actually , we are going to do debate . We did a debate and actually we did this as a exercises before our speaking test coming. When   Miss Zue told us that we going to do a debate activity only for the whole day ,yeahhhh!!  I felt very happy but at the same time, I felt afraid to speak in front of others. Then, Miss Zue separate us in fourth group which is two groups was debate each other as a opponent and other groups is government. Miss Zue explained us all the rules and how to do a debate. Miss Zue said that my group as a government and the third group is opponent , we got the topic for debate is “ is it true men it’s easy to work with than  women and women is more creative than men” .we have to defense that  men it’s easy to work with . Miss Zue give us 20 minutes to found all point and  after 3 P.M everyone must get ready to started debate and. After that, the first and second group did the presentation; we saw that everyone got nervous. The first group as government and the second is opponent; their topic is “it is considered cheating with girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife to poking and liking on facebook with other beautiful women/men?” Sounds good right? Hahaha I felt funny when read that topic. Their started debate, at first the situation quite bored and after 10 minute they was starting argued and more point comes out. Sometimes, it’s very funny when fikri started talk and tried give their opinion and refute other point, he was so funny hahaha. My group and fourth as a judges have right to choose the best group in debate and the best presenter, so we have too looked up properly. After 20 minute, our group and fourth started to debate,the side group started to give their opinion and nadia zamri started to give opinion and I though her point make me felt to argued it. She’s point is women can work in a team because they can do work properly and the idea more credible than men. So, I argued that it’s reality if women too good doing their task but women idea more credible is not true..Because I think a man’s ideas are more boom and strong when they gives opinion. After that, its followed to others point and the others argued. So, after a few minutes, we did our conclusion and also other side groups. So, miss zue asked us to judged the first and second groups that which one is the best.. So, the best groups is fikri’s group and our debated with third group are equal. So no winner for our topic..hahahha..okey see next activity..daaa salam

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