Monday, 7 January 2013

                                 WEDNESDAY, 2 JANUARY 2013
Assalamualaikum, today our class at SL.. so, the first thing that miss zue asked we did is a online asessment..the due date of online asessment on 31 jan 2013. so i have to sttle it..hurm..after that, we are learned about how to do summarizing on sentences and we did some exersices. then, miss zue asked us to divided into a several groups for videos summarizing competition among us.heheh.. too bad.... when i have to separate with inayah because i have to joined to another group..after the video showed, we have to summarized according to the video and make a topic sentence based on it... my group got 0 marks because the three out of videos topic are wrong..hahahaha..ITS FUNNY..! okey..our class already done at 5.55 p.m. daaa..see next...salam!

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