Wednesday, 23 January 2013

                         WEDNESDAY , 19 JANUARY 2013
Assalamualaikum.. Hello everyone.. so, let’s talk about our class at SL .Before we started our class, as a normal we began with Tasbih Kifarah and AL Fatihah.  Nothing much that I can share  our activities today because miss zue told us to start commenting our each of class s’ bloggers and before that miss zue give us to settle down our posting about our essay material that we did on table by Microsoft copy. So, I just did copy and paste that but miss zue wanted us to give more explanation the journey how that task being rejected and accepted. Hahaha..its so hard ,if you all want to read it, just take a look my early, after one hour settled down it, we continued with commenting each other blogs. I started commenting to fikri’s blog. Hahah.. His blog background is durian. Hahah.. it’s funny and weird. After that, I was comment blogs of Wasim, Faiz Othman, Nadia zamri, and others. So the whole that day we just did post and comment until our class dismissed at 5.45 p.m. done! See u next week..daaaaa

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