Wednesday, 23 January 2013

                               TUESDAY , 15 JANUARY 2013
ASSALAMUALIKUM, hai everyone.. today our class at block Usahawan. So, today we are lesson about how to create thesis statement. Miss zue showed her slide that are many examples of thesis statement so, she taught us one by one because the thesis statement must be base on our groups types of essay ,which are argumentative, problem and solution, causes and effect, compare and contrast and last but not least our types of essay  is discussion. Although we going to do discussion essay for midterm examination but we also have to know other essays. It is because we do not know what types of essay that will be come out in our final examination. Hurmm.. so I have to know all the types. Only my group did a discussion essay and I’m shocked. We are the lucky one did discussion essay because it was the one of easier essay other than types of essay. Okey.. that all about that day..daaaa salam.

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