Sunday, 6 January 2013

                         TUESDAY, 18 DEC 2012

Assalamualaikum.. so.. let’s continue about our task given. We have to find the broad-narrowed-focus that are relate with the essay topic and we have to find the materials about the topic as a fact such as newspaper, internet, data bases, magazine and book. So, we found a several topics such as bad book habit among Malaysian(newspaper), child abuse(newspaper),and smoke(internet). When miss zue entered class, she’s face litter bit moody, so I though it’s would be better if  I’m not present today.huhuh.. suddenly, she said “who volunteer to present?”..then sarra and syafiqah are volunteer to presented. When they showed their slides.. Miss zue said its wrong. So I though my slides also wrong.. huh..better we not do it. After several group presented.. she give us instructed how to do the right way..then, she want us to do again and decided which types of essay that we are going to do. So I and inayah decided to choose about discusstion essay. so continue to next class…. Wsalam.

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