Sunday, 6 January 2013

                              TUESDAY, 1 JANUARY 2013 is the first of january 2013 right!..happy new year, lets continue our lesson.. sorry i forgot to told that miss zue give us some exersice on textbook..hurmm..i already done it..when miss zue was bringing up the exersice..she called wasem and wawa to showed their work at the white board.., miss zue made a correction at their sentences.. so i felt more understood how to do rephrasing on sentences..hurmm..after that, we are continued our lesson about summarize..after miss zue explained it, then we are did a lot of exersices together on miss zue slides. our class finished on 5.30 p.m because miss zue have a meeting.. i like it..cause today have a night we can go early..hehe..
daaa..see you all on the next class..wsaalam

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