Friday, 22 March 2013

                                                              MONDAY, 18/2/2013

Assalamualaikum hello everybody… how yours holiday? Is it okay? If you ask me? My holiday always the best because I always want to go back my hometown..hehehe.. let talk about our activities… hurm.. our topic today is “infer” it is about guest something .it is based on our experience, knowledge and information that given. This topic is relate with our examination that given a question that is related with the text given in the final exam paper. Example is about when lecturer come to a class with angry and scariest face so, do you thing today our class lesson going to be fun or bad? Haha and wasim said that it is going to fun…hahaha.. of course the correct answer is bad right? Therefore, how we know it will happen in the future? .It is according from our experience right! That is mean we infer it. After that miss zue gave us a piece of paper for each one and we have to suggest who is the murderer and where the location murderer it is happened. wasim was correct to answer the question according to the tips are given. Then, second activities are miss zue showed us some video and we have to guest what will happen after the videos are stop. My group did it with the correct answer..hehhe..Okay that’s all for today..See u next day..daaa.. salam.

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