Friday, 22 March 2013

                                                WEDNESDAY, 27 FEBUARY 2013

 Assalamualaikum..hai everyone.. today we did a forum that i said last day.. im litter bit nerveous. it is because i hate peresentation..hahaha.. first group was presentation is izani's group.. they are did about tha factors of increasing buys of good..hurmm..its interesting right.. hehe..the second group is ita's group. their topic is cleaniness and good maintainens of public aminities.. i like this topic because it was happened in our country..such as in public toilet. it very dirty and i hope their tips will be give us benefits to follow it..third group was my group..huh.. our topic is about spirit of patriotism amonjg youth..huhu.. im as a moderater and others are panels... one of my question to panels our youth can express their tought about patriotism and how to more create spirits of patriotism among them... atikah kardi as a student..farahani as a parent.. ashraf as a ceo of tv3 and last izzat as a motivation speaker..humm.. the fouth group is inayah's group..they did topic about how to save eletricity.. so inayah as a mother so, she must be a good lesson to teach her child how to save the eletricity.. the fifth group is syafiqah's group. they are did about how to make a good diet..huh..i like this topic..because im in dieting hahhah..but still not affect..boringg....hurmm.. as usual..they are did diet must have to follow the pyramid of food.. it is the best to control diet..mybe..huihih.. so the last groups is sarah's group but they are did not do in class because we not have times..soo miss zue wanted them to do it for next week class on monday.. so.. see you on monday class.. we can know the best panel..moderater and groups did thiis forumm..seee u all again..daaa salam.

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