Sunday, 24 March 2013

Assalamualaikum. Do you think that your writing skills have improved? What does blogging teach you in bell?
Yes. Because it improved me a lot about my grammar, although my grammar not good at all but it is better than past. Now, I litter bit know how to apply the past, present and future tense. Even now, I am still learning and trying to improve my grammar. I agree that blog make me more comfortable to apply English in my word, although it hard to me but I still can do it. Sometimes, I fell that blog is burden it is because I never did a blog this before and read someone’s blog. At the same time, blog also make me more confidently how to express my opinion or experienced towards reader. I moderately agree if this method can applied to the student but it based on student syllabus. I can’t lied that this blog make me feel I have to do a lot of work but at the same times it also have benefits to the student who want to improve their grammar.

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