Friday, 22 March 2013

                                                      21 MARCH 2013, THURSDAY

Assalamualaikum .. today our last class for this semester. Hehe.. I litter bit late today because I have problem. Sorry miss zue.. when I arrived. This class litter bit I though miss zue was angry..yes.. my prediction was right! She was angry because our class did not settle yet the paper that she gave that I said before.. and me too.. so, miss zue  still going to be chill.. she tried to do it together with us..tq miss.. so we did all of that and she also gave some example how to do a essay based on that paper given. Huhu tq and again.. cos I also not understanding well.. so after she explain litter bit so, I already understood it..heheh.. After all, we did that writing together. Suddenly, miss zue said that she was prepaid some food for aou last meet.. huh.. I was surprised and feel cool she is.. tq so much miss zue.. for the nasi lemak and the drinks..heheh  very and very nice … tq so much..

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