Friday, 22 March 2013


Assalamualaikum, hello everybody… today our class at lap.. I have suddenly presentation from miss zue.. she was called us to present about discussion essay, since only my group did it, so she want us explain to our class how to do a discussion essay. Therefore, we did it and although our explanation litter bit messy but I hope everyone knew how to do it. After that, Miss zue gave us a time to post our blog and also commented. So before went to back, she gave us a litter work. That are we have to pass up our assignment portfolio on Thursday night, she also gave us a piece of paper that it past year paper in March 2012. She want us do a writing and also the essay and we will discuss on Thursday night but the essay will be pass up on Monday. Huhu to many work I have to done it..hehe.. Just be patient and do it slowly.. Hope everything going to be smooth..huhu…ok see u next class daaa.. salam.

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