Friday, 22 March 2013

                                                              MONDAY, 25/2/2014

Assalamualaikum ..hai everyone…today our class at dewan seri peria. Miss zue told us to bring our laptob.. so I brought it. Miss zue want us do a commenting to other essay draft. We are switched our essay with sara and shafiqah’ essay. At that time, suddenly, miss wanted to give our paper outline that we are already passed up to her. And she want gave back to us with a mark. I am happy with our outliner with inayah. We got mark 4/5..huhu.. Is it not bad right? Hehhe... although, other groups got higher mark than my group. I very thankful to Allah, because we did it very well and I very satisfied with my mark..heheh. Before we went to back, miss zue wanted us to edit our draft essay that according to commented that we did it and she want see it tomorrow. It done for today.. see you next class daaa.

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