Friday, 22 March 2013


Assalamualaikum.. hai.. today our class at SL.. today we did how to do a argumentative essay, miss zue gave us some paper that hoe to do it.. she also taught  us how to make a thesis statement. Huh.. and then, she give us one question and we have to build a thesis statement according to the question . it about organ donation. So, we have to stand that we agree or disagree to do that. So , I n my twins only do not agree to danate the organ and the rest agree with it. So , since we are agree.. miss zue tried to asked me and also my friend saraa.. did a thesis statement that we did on the whiteboard…huh it nervous! She want make a compared our thesis . so after that, I already knew how to make a argumentative essay because that essay the most hard essay to do it.. and its also always in final exam paper.  Hehe.. so I hope I can do it.. so done for today.daaa salam.

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