Friday, 22 March 2013

                                                            WEDNESDAY, 20/2/2013

Assalamualaikum. As usual, today our class at SL.. hurm today miss zue mood litter bit scary hehe.. She explained us about the pattern of causes and effect essay, and we are divided into 5 groups since the pattern have 5 also so, my group did a group pattern number 4. The pattern is only causes and we need to do 5 paragraphs in a essay. miss gave our topic based on the videos had shown and our group videos is about road accident. Therefore, I have to do one paragraph. In addition, my topic sentence is reckless driving. inayah did a topic is do not follow the rules and sara did a topic is do not use a seat belt and lastly wasim did a introduction with thesis statement and also the conclusion. So we had given 40 minutes to settle down and allhamdulillah, we did it.. heheh miss zue told us who are did the each of the paragraph will responsible with correction on the sentences. Scary.. of ny sentences structure is very bad..huhu just tawakkal..see u nest week daaa salam

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